Exhibit: Statues of Our Lady

art sampleThroughout the month of August we are proud to present Statues of Our Lady as seen in New England yards, photographed by Ellen Webber.  

"Growing up Roman Catholic in Los Angeles led to an urban experience of religion as a melting pot of many traditions. Having always been interested in the iconography of my religion, it was an unexpected curiosity to see something that most likely escapes the notice of people who have grown up in the region: the statues of Mary adorning the yards of New England homes. Although seen through the filter of a particular religion, this exhibit explores Christian iconography and is not meant to be expressly religious. Rather, the images celebrate the divine feminine as personified by Mary, protectress of humanity."

- Ellen Weber

Friday Aug 1, 2014
9:00 AM  -  9:00 PM
Thomas Crane Library    617-376-1301   
Main Library Coletti Reading Room (first floor)