Yoga Meditation

sahaja yoga body mapCome to a free workshop and learn an easy yet extremely effective meditative yoga technique that can help reduce stress and bring a new sense of integration, balance and well being to your life. Sahaja Yoga Meditation has been reported to be very helpful in the alleviation of stress-related problems and illnesses including depression and the tendency toward  self-destructive habits. These sessions, continuing every Saturday in  December will be led by a team of experienced practitioners from Sahaja Yoga, who teach on a volunteer basis. All of Sahaja Yoga's classes are free of charge and are offered as a community service. Learn more in this QATV interview.

Sahaja Yoga sponsors free stress reduction and meditation workshops around the country as well as in over 90 nations around the world and currently offers meditation classes in Bedford, Boston, Salem and Cambridge. The method of Sahaja Meditation was introduced in 1970 by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who has since received numerous honors and awards for her work, including a Nobel Peace Prize nomination and a formal recognition for her contribution to humanity by the US Congress. Learn more about Sahaja Yoga on their website.

Saturday Dec 2, 2017
3:00 PM  -  4:00 PM
Thomas Crane Library    617-376-1316   
Main Library Community Meeting Room (ground floor)