Add this Event to Calendar 10/16/2019 06:30 PM 10/16/2019 08:00 PM The Arrival of New Immigrants from Whaling Ports of Call with Akeia Benard

Join Dr. Akeia Benard, Curator of Social History at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, for a presentation on how the whaling industry of New England brought people from all around the world to New Bedford. The whaling industry was certainly a driving force in globalization by the nineteenth century. The industry gave the United States a global presence from the beginning and indirectly expanded American presence into the Pacific while, at the same time, providing labor for men around the world who sought to escape colonial oppression, famine, drought, conscription and encroachment on traditional lands. As whaling captains anchored for fresh water, food, and leisure time and as American crew men died or deserted, men from countries with strong maritime cultures around the world were willing to sign on to whaling voyages for lower pay than their American counterparts. The whaling industry brought people from the Azores, Cape Verde, Brazil, and the Pacific Islands to the United States throughout this period—a legacy that is still visible on our diverse landscape.

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