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Blue Heron Nature Skills!

Now announcing a new series!

Anatomy & Physiology 101 for Herbalists & Herb Enthusiasts (A 17-part series)
For beginners and intermediate learners. This is a new series released this year. Custom-made for taking herbal medicine and our understanding of it a few steps further. You do not need to be a practicing herbalist. It will be anything but boring! Come gain a better understanding of how the body works so that we can all apply our herbal knowledge as well as possible.

*You do not need to attend each class, though it may be helpful if you can!

April 18: A&P Series- Part 1- Basic Chemistry of Herbs: Quick refresher of basic science that will be helpful in the rest of the course, definitions, cells, tissues, etc.

April 24: A&P Series- Part 2- Skin and Wound Healing: The Integumentary System- About our largest organ- skin! The skin is one of the best routes to administer medicine.

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