Add this Event to Calendar 08/07/2020 12:00 AM 08/08/2020 12:00 AM Summer Kids Club presents Lost in the Clues: Benny’s Guessing Game (LAST WEEK)

.   Sorry, but Benny can't seem to turn himself upright!

CD/Derby Public Library




Benny’s been reading many classic tales and stories.  He’d like to play a game with you. See if you can figure out which story he’s been reading. Follow the clues every Monday and Wednesday on our Facebook page (, Twitter page (, or right here below, gander a guess on Thursday, and all will be revealed on Friday.  Can you guess what Benny is reading?  No worries, wait for Wednesday to receive clue # 2!

Clue # 1 - The main character is a Princess.

Clue # 2- Please click the pop-up link that will appear on Wednesdays giving the clue for that particular week.

Answer: Please click the pop-up link that will appear on Fridays giving the answer for that particular week.

NOTE: If you know (or think you know) the answer, please refrain from posting your guess ("shouting it out") on our social media in order for other participants to be able to guess, too.

Contact: Reference Dept.