Add this Event to Calendar 04/23/2020 11:00 AM 04/23/2020 12:00 PM CANCELED Joy of Learning - Sensing in Aquatic Animals

This class will be offered by Jelle Atema, PhD, professor emeritus at Boston University,and guest scientist Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Dominance, memory, courtship, navigation, homing, feeding behavior…what information do marine and freshwater animals need and how do they extract it? This series of four lectures addresses the sensory biology of aquatic animals based largely on four “model species”: lobsters, sharks, catfish, and larval reef fishes, one species per lecture. For example, can lobsters really remember the smell of another individual? Can sharks really sense a drop of blood a mile away? Why can catfish smell and taste under water? How can half-inch long fish larvae avoid being carried away in the big ocean? The lectures are based primarily on research in the “Atema Lab” in Woods Hole, as well as other labs and field studies in Australia and Cape Cod. Registration for the series is requested, but not required (just need to register once for first class).

Contact: Sue Henken 508-457-2555 ext. 7
Hermann Foundation Meeting Room