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Thursdays, Feb. 13, 20, 27  -  4:00 PM5:00 PM. 

Suitable for seniors and non-seniors
What is Tai Chi and what are the benefits?
Tai Chi is a type of Chinese martial arts. It was developed in China over 400 years ago for health and self-defense. Tai Chi movements are a combination of slow motions and Qi Gong meditation. These movements can be performed while standing or seated for people with limited mobility. Practicing Tai Chi can improve one’s flexibility, balance, muscular strength, and self-defense skills. It can also help reduce stress and improve the body’s immune system. These benefits are the reasons why it has become such a popular sport throughout the world.
What is Healthy Tai Chi and what are the benefits?
Healthy Tai Chi consists of slow individual movements taken from elements of regular Tai Chi and developed by the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine's Professor. These slow individual movements with Qi are therapeutic in nature and target specific body areas and maladies. Since these are separate movements, people will not need to memorize long forms as they had to in the past with regular Tai Chi, and people can choose to stand or sit in chairs to perform the exercises. Practicing Healthy Tai Chi can improve one’s arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, immune system, flexibility, balance, and muscular strength.
Instructor: Master Ted Peng
Master Ted Peng has been practicing Tai Chi for over 30 years and has been teaching Tai Chi for about 10 years in the US. Master Peng has certificates for Tai Chi 7th level; he is also a certified National Coach of R.O.C. Sports Federation.
Please call (845)-352-5700 X244 or stop by the reference desk on the 2nd floor. Wear loose fitting clothing and sneakers. Check with your health care professional before begining any exercise regimen. Adults only. Registration Begins Jan.13.

Contact: Adult Services - Ref Desk (845) 352-5700 X-244
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