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In this hands-on, 6 week class, local filmmaker, and
professional animator, Tim Smyth, will teach the art of visual 
 As a group, students will conceive, plan, perform in, and film,
 a short movie, or two. The movies will be no longer than 4 
minutes, and will rely on visuals, instead of sound, to tell 
their stories. Using the limitations of VHS-C cameras, students
will have to think more about how movies are made, as they will
 shoot their movies in script order, editing in camera, as they
go. There will be no later fixing in the computer. It will be a fun exercise in having to go without modern
 conveniences. Without the use of dialog, or sound in any way,
 students will discover what a truly visual medium movies can be. 
The first 6 classes will be spent making the movies, the
 7th and final class day will be a premier for family and 
friends, as the finished movies will be shown in glorious VHS. 

For those in grades 6-12

Registration required

Contact: Rachel 978-373-1586 x650