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Teens Teach Technology is a youth organization where their mission is to teach senior citizens and adults about modern technology, including basic techniques, such as social media, daily applications and entertainment. Teaching these lessons that they have created to the elderly and adult population in our community, in order to help improve their knowledge in a field that is unfamiliar to them, technology.

This will be done all completely online, through Zoom calls, in order to comply with social distancing guidelines. Each lesson will be taught over the course of three days.

Series of 3 Lessons (Basics):
Third Lesson: Entertainment
- Music Applications: Spotify (downloading signing up, creating a playlist of songs), Apple Music (finding song of your choice) 
- Television Streaming: YouTube (downloading the application, find videos of your interest), Netflix (Downloading the application, creating profiles, finding TV shows and movies), Amazon Prime Video (downloading and choosing shows), Hulu and Disney Plus (downloading and finding shows) 
- Fun Applications: Color Therapy, Candy Crush, Sudoku, Board Games.

Contact: Gladwyne Library 610-642-3957