Add this Event to Calendar 11/13/2019 07:00 PM 11/13/2019 08:00 PM WWII Turning Points: Critical Battles That Enabled the Allies to Go on the Offense

A turning point is a point in a war or campaign where one combatant experiences a reversal in fortune. The combatant losses the initiative, suffers loss of freedom in a theater of war, and the opponent assumes the offensive. In WWII there were five key turning point battles, each which enabled the Allies to mount offensive operations to achieve strategic objectives and ultimately attain victory. This presentation by Paul Zigo will relate what the five critical battles were and their outcomes. 

Paul Zigo is the director of the World War II Era Studies Institute, which is dedicated to furthering WWII Era knowledge and the war's impact on history. He was an Associate Professor of History, BrookdaleCommunity College; a former Director, Center for World War II Studies, and a founding member of the National Museum of the US Army.


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