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“Princess and the Pea Game” 

Infants - Preschool

Share a re-telling of this fairy tale (below) and then play a fun game (also below) with your child(ren) that goes along with the story and builds problem solving and critical thinking skills!


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Read! The Princess and the Pea 
Share this simple tale with the children.

Once upon a time, there was a prince who was looking for a princess to marry. One stormy evening, there was a knock on the castle door. When the prince opened the door, he saw a girl all wet from the rain. Her clothes and hair were a mess. She told them that she was a princess who had gotten caught in the storm and needed a place to stay. The queen didn’t believe that she was a true princess and decided to make a test to see if she was who she claimed to be. As the bed for the princess was prepared, a tiny pea was placed under several mattresses. Only a true princess would be able to feel that pea under all of those mattresses. When the princess awoke the next morning, it looked as if she hadn’t slept a wink. She complained that she had a terrible pain in her back. When the queen, king, and prince heard this, they knew that she truly was a princess. The prince and princess got married and lived happily ever after.


Play! Princess and the Pea Mattress Game
After you have shared the story of the Princess and the Pea with your child(ren), play this game that encourages colors and taking turns. Use the templates attached to play this game:
1. Use masking tape or Scotch tape to put the mattresses on top of the bed on a board or a cookie sheet.
2. Make several different colors of mattresses. 
3. Place the bed and mattresses on the board. 
4. Show the children the pea and then ask them to close their eyes tight. 
5. Hide the pea under one of the mattresses.
6. Say the chant below and then have the children say what mattress the pea is under. 
The pea is under the mattress, the mattress, the mattress.
The pea is under the mattress, which one can it be?
7. Remove that mattress and see if that is where the pea is hidden. 
8. Repeat until the pea is found.

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