Add this Event to Calendar 02/20/2021 01:00 PM 02/20/2021 02:00 PM TRIVIA GAME - ZOOM

.Which nursery rhyme is said to have been written as a protest against an export tax on fleece imposed in Britain? What is the name of the gas in the air that keeps us alive? A young hippopotamus is known as a what?  Do YOU know the answers to these questions?  Are you a Trivia Pro or just an Average Joe? Join in the fun as we play “… I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT!”.  Teams will be created and ZOOM breakout rooms provided for each team to discuss their answers.  Three rounds will be played with 10 questions in each round. A bonus round will be offered if there is time.  Participants will be emailed the link to join this Zoom program.

Contact: Tricia Thomas 603-887-3428