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This program is only for those children who have completed Session One, Two and Three.  

Join Bedtime Math's Crazy 8's, a totally new kind of math club.

Weekly Sessions: 

Firefighter Training: Discover how firefighters do speedy math to figure out how much water they’ll need to put out a blaze. You’ll also learn what the color of a fire hydrant really means.
Tricks of the Eye: Draw your own optical illusions, and learn how to trick your own eyes! You’ll find your “blind spot,” and spin wild tops to make eye-catching patterns.
Road Trip: Learn the secrets to our highway numbering system, and then roll dice to drive across the country. See whose car makes it to the East Coast first!
Laser Maze Craze: Bounce a real laser beam off mirrors to get from one end of a maze to the other! You’ll also explore symmetry by seeing which letters can be formed by mirror image.
Three-Ring Circus: Discover just how unique you are! See which traits show up the most and least often, then jump right into a giant diagram to map the coolest combinations.
Daring Darts: Supersize the fun in this giant game of floor darts! Once we learn how to keep score, we’ll use hacky sacks to play a few rounds.

Contact: Ms. Judy or Ms. Nicole 412-257-8660
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