Add this Event to Calendar 03/04/2020 04:30 PM 03/04/2020 05:30 PM Level 3 - Crazy 8's Math Club

This program is only for those children who have completed a minimum of 5 weeks of Crazy 8's Level Two. 

For children in Grades K-2 

Weekly Sessions:

Week 1 - Ninja Training: Sneak through a maze of laser shapes without setting off alarms. Then find hidden number      patterns while exchanging secret ninja handshakes!

Week 2 - Planet Party: Discover secrets of the Earth and Moon ? using glowsticks! See how far the Earth and Moon really travel by circling around in their orbits.

Week 3 - Crayon Craze: Sort, compare, and estimate the number of crayons in a monster pile. See if your crayon count is the right amount to keep you alive in a game of odds and evens!

Week 4 - UFO Landing: Now’s your chance to catch sight of UFOs! Fly paper airplanes to see whose travels farthest, then craft giant origami Ninja Stars to see how they measure up.

Week 5 - Time of Your Life: What makes you tick? “Be” the hands of an analog clock and discover the hidden math in a digital clock before time runs out!

Week 6 -Fraction Action: You’ll go fishing for fractions in this week’s under-the-sea adventure!  We’ll play our own version of Go Fish, then              become fractions of the whole group ? while having a whole lot of fun.

 Week 7 - Let’s Get Loud: Experiment rubber bands and straws to create different sounds, then build a working pan flute! After all that, find out exactly how loud you are, down to the numbers.

Week 8 - Pirate Treasure Hunt: Map out coordinates to create a secret picture. Use your cannon to reach the enemy pirates and try to get the treasure before they do!


Contact: Ms. Judy 412-257-8662
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