Add this Event to Calendar 09/17/2020 07:00 PM 09/17/2020 07:00 PM Making a Successful Career Pivot in a Post Pandemic Time with Mark Danaher



If you’ve been thinking about changing your career path lately, career coach Mark Danaher is offering a virtual workshop to help!  The Zoom event “Making a Successful Career Pivot in a Post Pandemic Time” is offered on Thursday, September 17th at 7:00 pm.  If you’re looking for more career opportunities, to make a change, or have concerns about the safety of your job, join in the talk.  Mark shares 8 strategies to build your resilience to adjust to a career change and to evolving market demands, and help you grow as a professional.  

Mark Danaher is a Licensed Professional Counselor. I have been trained as a Holistic Narrative Career Professional, Master Trainer for Facilitating Career Development, Job and Career Transition Coach, Job and Career Development Coach, Retirement Options Coach and Too Young to Retire Coach.

View the flyer for the seminar here.