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  DPW Update Snow Removal 1\27\15 6:30pm

Department of Public Works Update as of 1/27/15 6:30pm

1. Continuing plowing to make all roads passable and also salting main roads
2. Expecting to continue until 2-4am 1/28/15
3. Clearing MBTA lots tonight to get lots ready for trains tomorrow morning...
4. Start sidewalk snow blowing for school routes around mid afternoon 1/28/15 and will continue until complete
5. Start snow removal by Town Hall around 9pm (1/28/15) and continue heading north along North Main St until about 6am (this will require multiple nights to complete)
6. If we have available staff, we will begin widening the roads on Wednesday afternoon and continue through the evening. This will place more snow in front of people's driveways but the widening is required due to more snow expected on Friday and possibly next Monday.

Trash Update

There will be no trash/recycling collection on Tuesday and Wednesday this week due to the winter storm.  Tuesday's trash collection will be picked up on Thursday, January 28th and Wednesday's trash collection will be picked up on Thursday as well.  Waste Management will be working very hard to get everyone's trash collected.  If your trash is not picked up on Thursday, it will be picked up on Friday.

Thursday's trash collection will be on Friday and Friday's will be Saturday.

Thank you very much for your patience.  If you have any questions, please all the DPW office Thursday at 508-261-7335

  2015 Dog License

2015 Dog licenses will become available on Monday, Dec. 1, 2014.  Any dog over the age of 6 months is required to be licensed.  Current proof of rabies is necessary and, if it's not a renewal, a spay/neuter certificate (if applicable) is also required.  Dog licenses are $10.00 for a spayed/neutered dog and $15.00 for a non-spayed/non-neutered dog.  Dog licenses for dog owners over 70 are free.  Please call 508-261-7345 or email for more info.

  2015 Train Parking/Green Stickers

2015 Resident Train Parking/Green stickers will become available on Monday, December 1, 2014.  Current auto registration reflecting a Mansfield address is required to obtain a sticker.  If the vehicle is a lease, the lease agreement is also necessary.  Combination Train Parking/Green sticker is $10.00 (residents over 62 years old are free), Train only parking sticker is free.  Call 508-261-7345 or email for more info.

  Trash Collection Delay

~~Update on Trash/Recycling Collection from the DPW

 Tuesday's trash and recycling collection will be completed by the end of today as well as 1/2 of Wednesday's trash and recycling collection. Tomorrow (Friday 1/30) Wednesday's route will be completed and as well as Thursday's trash and recycling collection.  Friday's trash route will be picked up on Saturday.

 Thank you for your patience and understanding.  If you have any questions, please all the DPW office Thursday at 508-261-7335



 ..Christmas Tree Pick-Up

The Highway Division will be picking up Christmas trees during the weeks of January 5th, 2015 and January 12th, 2015.  Please remove all decorations and put the tree completely bared at your curbside on your regular trash pick-up day by 7 am.  Residents may also dispose of their Christmas trees at the Mansfield Green on Saturdays from 8 am to 3:45 pm and Mondays from 10 am to 3:45 pm.


                                             POTHOLE SEASON

The winter weather and warming trends are causing new potholes all over the area.

Please be vigilant to developing potholes and call DPW at 508-261-7335 or email

BOARD AND COMMITTEE VACANCIES - Please contact the Selectmen's Office for the latest listing.

As of January 15, 2015

Cultural Council

3 members needed.

Canoe River Aquifer Advisory Committee

1  member needed

Historical Commission
1 members needed.

Planning Board
1 associate member needed

World War II Scholarship Committee

1 member needed

Board of Directors of the Mansfield Housing Corporation 

2 members needed. Click here for more information

Council On Aging 
1 members needed.

Click here to learn how to apply for any committee.




 CPR class

Friends & Family

The Mansfield Fire Department will offer evening CPR classes at the Plymouth St. Fire Station. This program will teach CPR for the adult, child, & infant as well as what to do for the choking victim. The cost of program is free for town residents.

A CPR card will not be issued. If certification and or a card is needed contact the fire prevention office at (508) -261-7492 for assistance.

New Schedule for 2015 will be published soon.

Pre-registration is required please call (508) 261-7492 to register.


During or after any storm event, consider all downed wires to be energized and dangerous, including telephone, fiber optic and cable TV wires. They may be in contact with energized electric wires that are not within your view. Do not go near downed wires – for your own safety; treat them as though they are live and deadly. Never touch downed wires or anything coming into contact with fallen lines. If you see a downed wire, keep everyone away and notify us immediately at 508-261-7395 or 508-261-7300 after hours.
 Downtown Parking
The new downtown parking pass program will be up by the end of October and stickers will be available at the Police Department 
Please see attached PDF for map. (Disclaimer: The map is a large file and may take a minute to load)

The newspapers have also incorrectly reported that permits under the newly adopted Downtown Parking Regulations would cost $50.00.  Please note - the correct cost will be $20.00.
parking map

 Flow Isolation
The public is hereby notified that the Town of Mansfield is working with our contractor Flow Assessment Services, LLC to perform Flow Measurements on Tuesday April 16, 2013 and Wednesday April 17, 2013.  Flow Measurement will be performed from 12:00AM until approximately 6:00 AM both days.  The Flow Measurement locations are as follows:
Central Street
Avon Street
Summer Street
West Street
Old Colony Road
North Main Street
South Main Street
Court Street
Park Street
Webb Place
Horace Street
Wilson Place
Forbes Blvd.
The public is hereby notified that the Town of Mansfield is filing a LOMR (letter of map request) with FEMA for the area around Fulton Pond.  Currently under the flood insurance rate maps dated July of 2009, the 100 year flood elevation is shown as elevation 155.  The Town of Mansfield has contracted with Pare Corporation to verify the 100 year floodplain elevation and our request to FEMA is to reduce the 100 year flood elevation by approximately two (2) feet.
A public comment period will remain open for 10 days from the date of this notice.  Interested persons may obtain detailed information about this LOMR by contacting Rick Alves, Town Engineer/Assistant DPW Director at (508) 261-7377, Monday through Thursday, 8AM – 4PM and Friday 8AM – 12PM.

Mansfield Water Customers can now receive e-mail notifications regarding water related incidents that may potentially impact your water service. Activities such as hydrant flushing, planned shut offs, emergency repairs, and broken mains are known to stir up mineral deposits within the system which may cause an unpleasant discoloration in your water service.

To have your name immediately added to the distribution list forward your name, property address and e-mail address to

The Water Division staff will notify you via e-mail as soon as possible when a situation is identified that may cause an impact to your water.

E-mail addresses forwarded to us will be for the sole use of the Mansfield Water Division and will not be distributed to other agencies.

 Open Burning Season


In accordance with State Law, the 2014 open burning season will begin on January 15th and end at 4:00 PM on May 1st. (daily hours are 10AM - 4PM. These dates are set by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) with the objective of minimizing air quality impacts, and are enforced locally by the Fire Department.

You must get a permit from the Public Safety Dispatch Center at the Mansfield Police Department located on 50 West Street. As a reminder, you also must call into the dispatch center on the day(s) you wish to burn to find out if burning is allowed that day. Burning may not be allowed due to many different conditions such as wind speed or stagnant air conditions. The decision to burn is made each day by the OIC at the Fire Department. They make their decision using many factors such as the daily fire forecast: .

Below are 2 more links for reference and tips.:

Chimenea & Fire Pit Safety
Burn clean fire wood
Devices are for outside use only
Burning of trash, leaves, construction debris and other refuse is prohibited by law.
Devices are to operated by an adult
Keep small children & pets away
Devices should be placed & operated away from buildings and other combustible objects or structures.
Devices should not be used on decks or porches.
Have a fire extinguisher available
If devices produce too much smoke & are deemed a nuisance by the fire dept. The fire department can order the fire to be extinguished.





2015 Merchant and Resident Parking Permits in Central Business District

The 2015 parking permits will be available for purchase beginning December 1, 2014.  Applications are currently available at the Mansfield Police Department.  Please submit applications and fees to the Mansfield Police Department Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. 

Permits are effective January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015.

Parking Regulations are attached to applications.  A large wall map is displayed in the Police Department’s lobby and online that shows the designated parking areas in the Central Business District.


 Public Health Nurse
Mansfield Public Health Nurse
The Public Health Nurse is available the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 3 – 4
at Mansfield Town Hall, 2nd Floor Meeting Room, for blood pressure and blood
sugar screening on a walk in basis. If you have any questions, please call 508-261-7366.

The nurse will also be available for blood pressure and blood sugar screening on the
2nd Tuesday of every month from 1-2 pm at the Council on Aging. For information,
please call (508) 261-7368.

Pneumonia (Pneumococcal) and Tetanus (Td) immunizations will be available by
appointment throughout the year. Pneumonia immunizations are available for those
individuals 65 or older, or younger with certain medical conditions. Adults
should receive Td immunizations every 10 years. Call Maureen Cardarelli, RN for a
vaccine appointment at (508) 222-0118 x 1367.
The Mansfield Green will be open on Saturday's from 8:00AM to 3:45PM and on Monday's from 10:00AM to 3:45PM. Also, at this time due to liability issues, salvaging will no longer be allowed at the Green. All materials brought into the Green are the property of the Town of Mansfield and shall not be removed.
The Town of Mansfield has a curbside single stream recycling program. The town has selected to implement this program along with Waste Management in order to make recycling easier for Mansfield residents.
Mansfield residents may now dispose of all types of fluorescent bulbs year round at no charge. Collection sites for compact fluorescent, four-and eight-foot U-Tube, circular and high intensity discharge (HID) lamps will be at Mansfield True Value Hardware, 284 North Main Street and at Mansfield Green Recycling Park, intersection of Pratt (Route 106) and East Streets.

Pressure treated wood is not accepted at the Household Hazardous Waste collection. Pressure treated wood and a variety of wastes (Acceptable Waste:  construction/demolition debris; landscape/yard waste; brick/concrete/fill;, pallets/ fencing/wood waste; tires; bulky items; general cleanouts; roofing materials) not taken by trash pickup or Mansfield Green can, for a fee, be taken to Trojan Recycling Transfer Station, 71 Forest Street, Brockton. Please call Trojan Recycling at 508-588-2332 for questions about the waste and fees.  Directions:  Montello Street (Route 28) to Perkins Avenue (over railroad bridge) 2nd right is Forest Street.

Latex paint and stain is no longer accepted at the Household Hazardous Waste collection. To dispose of latex paint and stain,simply mix latex paint hardener into the paint can, let solidify overnight and dispose of it in your weekly trash. The Board of Health has purchased about 2000 paint hardener packets for distribution to homeowners. The 2 packets per household are available at the Health Department, 6 Park Row after January 1, 2008.
State law now mandates that mercury-added products cannot be placed in a regular trash collection. Mansfield residents are welcome to bring mercury thermometers and mercury thermostats to the Board of Health office for disposal and can offer up to two digital thermometers per household in exchange for mercury versions.

BUTTON BATTERIES - Button batteries are those small, silvery, button or coin-like batteries that power watches,
cameras, calculators, hearing aids, digital organizers and many other devices. When these batteries become used up
DON'T THROW THEM IN THE TRASH! They contain mercury, which when incinerated or buried in a landfill,
escapes into the environment.

The Mansfield Board of Health, with the assistance of the Animal Welfare Committee, has begun a button battery recycling
program. Please save and bring your button batteries to the following locations:

Mansfield True Value Hardware - 284 North Main Street
Rite Aid - 243 Chauncy Street
CVS - 261 Chauncy Street
Hefez and Sons Jewelers - 106 North Main Street
Council on Aging - 255 Hope Street
Health Department - 6 Park Row

If you have a large quantity of bulk mercury, please do not move it or bring it to the Health Department. Call us at
508-261-7366 and we will have the mercury safely removed.
Click here for details

Boyscout Troop 51 will be delivering sand mix to the seniors and the disabled of any age in Mansfield.
Interested residents may contac the COA at 508-261-7368.

Scouts will exchange buckets from last year and as there are limited number of buckets available this is a first come, first serve program.

** If residents or businesses have clean 5 gallon buckets with tops that they want to donate to this project they can leave a message
at the COA and we can pick them up from you. Thanks**   
 Train Station Parking
There are now several different payment methods available to pay for train station parking. 

Ventec Pay Stations are now installed at the lots. They accept cash, credit and debit cards. 

Mobile internet payments are available as well through Park Mobile systems. See link below


Are you a senior citizen veteran or a widow(er) of a veteran with an income of less than $1545.00 per month with cash assets of $1600.00 or less?

 Are you a senior citizen veteran or married to a veteran and your combined income is less than $2017.00 per month with cash assets of $3200.00 or less?

Note: house and vehicle are not counted as assetsIf so, you may be entitled to supplemental financial assistance.


Are you a veteran or a widow(er) of a veteran with an income of less than $1733.00 per month and cash assets of less than $1600.00?

Are you a married veteran or married to a veteran, your combined income is less than $2333.00 per month and your cash assets are less than $3200.00 per month? 

If so you may be entitled to reimbursement of your medical expenses and/or financial assistance under Mass. General Law Chapter 115, which is an entitlement to benefits based on your or your spouse’s military service.

  To arrange a meeting with your Veterans’ Agent, Heath Hobson
CALL: 508-851-6411

Link to Veteran's Agent Home Page

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