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Saturday January 25, 2020 -  Sunday July 5, 2020 Go To Top
misc_none.png Cosmic Connections: The Metaphysical Practice of Kirk Clark Remind Me about this Event   Tell a Friend
    Contact:    (956) 681-2800   

Cosmic Connections: The Metaphysical Practice of Kirk Clark
January 25 – July 5, 2020

The International Museum of Art and Science is proud to present this retrospective exhibition of the artworks produced by Kirk Clark. Throughout a sixty year period, Mr. Clark has engaged in a life long practice of art making as well as collecting an enviable body of work. He has been a prolific artist by any measure having created over a thousand mono-prints, hundreds of paintings and dozens of sculptures and other artworks in various media. Having initially trained as an undergraduate in Fine Art at the University of New Mexico where he studied under the tutelage of sculptors Charles Madox, Steve Dubove and William Goodman, Kirk Clark has continued to seek out instruction from highly skilled craftspersons throughout his six decade long career and has worked collaboratively with such illustrious artists as print makers Michael Vigil and Shinzaburo Takeda as well as painters and sculptors Thom Wheeler, Jonathan Sobol and (Enrique Carbajal González) Sebastían.

Kirk Clark has pursued an artistic practice founded in the metaphysical principles of Wassily Kandinsky and has primarily worked in a style that is informed by Abstract Expressionism. Yet rather than simply being derivative, Clark has expanded upon mid-Century Formalism in a manner that is both innovative and authentic. His expansive body of work demonstrates his restlessness and his reluctance to merely repeat an idea from season to season. Over time, the progression in his priorities and techniques for exploration and expression is clearly evident while a consistency of identifiable hand is visible throughout. Informed by his own synesthesia as well as his meditative practice, Clark’s artworks are created spontaneously with a stream of consciousness that reflects his understanding of cosmic harmonies and rhythms of the universe. The notion of transcendence is central to his process and to a fuller appreciation of his artworks which carry cosmological narratives that extend beyond their formal design. They are records of transcendent phenomena that are visual analogues which reveal universal relationships between chaotic forces and corporeal experience. Ultimately, such artworks defy comprehensive description and are conceived to be experienced subjectively as oracles for personal illumination.    
    Location: International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS); 1900 Nolana; McAllen, TX
Monday February 10, 2020 -  Friday August 28, 2020 Go To Top
misc_none.png South Texas College Art Faculty Exhibition at the Chase Bank Tower Remind Me about this Event   Tell a Friend
    Contact: Luis Corpus   (956) 872-2188

STC Art Department    
    Location: Chase Bank Tower; 200 South 10th St; McAllen, TX
Saturday May 23, 2020 -  Sunday October 18, 2020 Go To Top
misc_none.png Wild Bees exhibition Remind Me about this Event   Tell a Friend
    Contact:    (956) 681-2800   

Wild Bees
May 23 – October 18, 2020

Wild Bees, an exhibition showcasing the works of Paula Sharp and Ross Eatman, is a collection of stunning macro photographs depicting the world of America’s native bees. The exhibit is on a national tour of prominent museums, botanical gardens and galleries and will be featured at the International Museum of Art & Science from May 23, 2020–October 18, 2020.

Sharp and Eatman are co-authors of the highly-regarded and popular website, Wild Bees of New York, the culmination of a three-year project tracking and photographing more than 120 northeastern bee species. Supported by the New York State Environmental Protection Fund, the project focused on bees of New York’s Rockefeller State Park Preserve, a forested area that is home to many woodland bee species; and Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture, an experimental farmland with orchards, vegetable gardens and apiaries.

In September of 2018, Sharp and Eatman commenced a new project at the National Butterfly Center of Hidalgo County, Texas, documenting native bee species inhabiting the unique ecosystems of the Lower Rio Grande Valley. In January 2019, Sharp & Eatman launched Wild Bees of the National Butterfly Center, a website dedicated to LRGV bees.

Paula Sharp is a photojournalist and writer. She is the author of the bestseller Crows Over a Wheatfield and four other New York Times Notable Books. Sharp has traveled throughout the United States and Brazil, photographing and documenting life here and in the Amazon. Ross Eatman has been a nature and travel photographer for twenty years. He is a co-founder of Sharp-Eatman Nature Photography, a society dedicated to documenting conservation issues.

Photo credit: Perplexing Bumblebee Exploring Mallow © 2018, Paula Sharp    
    Location: International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS); 1900 Nolana; McAllen, TX
Saturday June 20, 2020 Go To Top
misc_none.png 7:30 PM UTRGV Ballet Folklórico presents: Ouroboros Remind Me about this Event   Tell a Friend
    Contact: UTRGV Patron of the Arts   (956) 665-3881

UTRGV Ballet Folklórico presents: Ouroboros

June 20th, 2020

UTRGV Ballet Folklórico presents: Ouroboros



Ouroboros is a conversation with contemporary trends in Mexican folk dance today... In this production, Peña cultivates and expresses the concept of contemporary transformation through rhythms and dance techniques which highlight the hybridity as a new wave of Mexican folk dance.    
    Location: The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley; Performing Arts Complex; 1201 W University; Edinburg, TX
Sunday March 28, 2021 Go To Top
misc_none.png Warriors of Light Remind Me about this Event   Tell a Friend
    Contact:    (956) 681-2800   

Warriors of Light


Warriors of Light Exhibit at IMAS

Warriors of Light
On Exhibit: September 5, 2020 – March 28, 2021

Warriors of Light is part of the figurative series of the artist Max Vityk. In this series Vityk investigates the narrative elements and figures of ancient rock engravings and mythological and folk symbols.

Through the Warriors of Light, Vityk seeks to modernize the archetypal mystical material to convey current events onto the plane of the internal struggle between good and evil. The paintings explore the historical revolutionary events the artist lived through during his stay in Ukraine and Egypt between 2011 – 2015. The exhibit is comprised of 12 large acrylic paintings.

Ukraine and Egypt endured multiple significant political/govermental crises between 2011 – 2015.

Warriors of Light is on loan from the artist, Max Vityk.    
    Location: International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS); 1900 Nolana; McAllen, TX
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