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Birds; Their Side of the Story...

Author/illustrator John Himmelman presents Birds; Their Side of the Story…

How did our best-known birds earn that distinction?  What are some of the crazy things they make us do?  Why are there so many pigeons in cities?  What did Ben Franklin really think about Bald Eagles?  John shares light-hearted stories of birds and bird watching - from cuisine to cartoons, ornaments to icons, murmurs to murders.  You’ll be given a whole new look at the avian friends we so admire (and some, not so much…).  John Himmelman is a children’s book/natural history author and illustrator, who has written and illustrated about 80 books since 1981.  He is an avid bird watcher and served as president of the New Haven Bird Club for two years.

This event is funded by the Friends of John L. Harris and presented in his memory.  It is co-sponsored by the Cheshire Public Library and the Cheshire Planning Department.  Seating is limited and registration is required.  Please register online or call 203-272-2245, ext. 4.

Date / Time::
Tuesday Apr 25, 2017

6:30 PM  -  7:30 PM
Bill Basel
Mary Baldwin Room Main Level
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