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U.S.S. Connecticut and the Great White Fleet








Please join author Mark Albertson as he shares his books U.S.S. Connecticut: Constitution State Battleship and They'll Have to Follow You!: The Triumph of the Great White Fleet ---

0800 hours, December 16, 1907 -- The battleship Connecticut led 15 other coal-burning battleships out of Hampton Roads on the way to a 14-month, 6-day circumnavigation of the globe.  14,500 sailors and marines traversed a dozen oceans and seas, crisscrossed the Equator six times, called on more than 30 ports and logged over 46,000 miles.  This superlative effort in American seamanship was President Theodore Roosevelt's announcement to the world that America had arrived as a global power.  The task force returned to Hampton Roads on February 22, 1909, led from whistle to gun by battleship Connecticut. 

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