Medway Public Library

Design a House, Design a Story

Design a House, Design a Story Cole Room, 4:00 - 5:30

This 90 minute program, for children in grades 3-5, welcomes all creative children, and is especially valuable for children who have ever wondered, "What's it like to be an architect?"

Authors, illustrators and architects work in similar ways: they all come up with ideas about the people, places and spaces in their lives. Authors then share their ideas through words; illustrators share their ideas through drawings; and architects share their ideas through sketches, floor plans and models.

Beginning with familiar characters and houses from the world of children's literature, this hands-on design/build program engages children in the equally enjoyable processes of designing and storytelling.

With their take-home activity packet, each child can draw a floor plan of the inside of their house model, add on to their house model, or add interior walls and furniture. The activity packet and the Design a House, Design a Story booklist ensures that the young designers/storytellers will continue to read, write, draw and build long after the program ends.

Program provided by Jan Ham, a children's librarian and founder of Learning By Design in Massachusetts, a K-12 architecture and design education program


Tuesday Jan 7, 2014


4:00 PM  -  5:30 PM


Margaret Perkins    508-533-3217

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