Town of Mansfield

Selectmen's agenda


1. Call To Order Board of Selectmen Meeting – Pledge Of Allegiance

2. Consideration of Change of Manager for all-alcohol license for Vision Hampshire dba Holiday Inn of Mansfield pending routing through public safety and Town Hall Departments.

3. Continued Discussion of Town Manager Search-Update from Search Committee

4. Consideration of Non-Profit Fund grants for FY17

5. Resident Questions and Comments

6. Review and Approve Consent Agenda

All items on the Consent Agenda may be adopted with a single motion.  Any member of the Board of Selectmen may request that an item be withdrawn from the Consent Agenda for separate consideration in which case that item will be voted on separately from the remainder of the Consent Agenda.  All licenses have been routed through Town Hall Departments and any conditions have been noted below.

  1. Approval Of Board Of Selectmen Minutes For:

Meeting of April 19, 2017

      b.   Vote To Approve Warrants:

Town Vendor Warrant No. 17043T in the amount of $30,778.18

Electric Department Vendor Warrant No. 17043E in the amount of $58,383.39

School Vendor Warrant No. 17043S in the amount of $660,957.18

7. Consideration And Approval Of Town Payroll Warrants:

8. Correspondence

9. Town Manager’s Report

10. Continued Discussion of Town Meeting Warrant Articles

11. Update from the Finance Committee

12. Discussion of  FY18 Budget

13. Selectmen’s Questions and Comments

14. Any items not anticipated by the Chairman 48 hours prior to this meeting

15. Adjourn

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