Town of Mansfield

Selectmen's agenda



Open Board of Selectmen Meeting – Call to Order

7:00 PM


Public Hearing On The Application  Of Vision Hampshire, LLC dba Holiday Inn, Gautam Sharma, Manager, To Transfer A License For An Annual All Alcoholic Beverages Inn Keeper, From Boston Hospitality SPVEF, LLC dba Holiday Inn, 31 Hampshire Street, To Vision Hampshire, LLC dba Holiday, Gautam Sharma, Manager, To Be Located Upon Transfer At 31 Hampshire Street, Mansfield

7:00 PM


Consideration Of Request For A Change Of Manager For ZRC Operations Company, Inc. dba Qdoba For Their Annual All Alcohol Pouring License

7:20 PM



Continued Discussion And Consideration Of Commercial Parking Facility License Renewal For Foundry, LLC

7:35 PM



Discussion and consideration of Fiscal Year 2016 Salary Adjustment for Town Manager William Ross.

7:55 PM



Discussion Concerning the Decision by the Board of Health to Raise Age for Purchasing Tobacco Products from 18 to 21.

8:15 PM



Questions and Comments

8:30 PM



Review and Approve Consent Agenda

All items on the Consent Agenda may be adopted with a single motion.  Any member of the Board of Selectmen may request that an item be withdrawn from the consent agenda for separate consideration in which case that item will be voted on separately from the remainder of the consent agenda.  All licenses have been routed through Town Hall Departments and any conditions have been noted below.

a.   Vote To Approve Minutes of June 17, 2015 Board of Selectmen Meeting

b.   Vote To Approve Warrants:

c.   Licenses And Permits:

d.   Events And Signage:

8:35 PM



Consideration And Approval Of Town And School Payroll Warrants:

8:40 PM




8:45 PM



Town Manager’s Report

8:50 PM



BOS Questions and Comments

9:00 PM



Any Items Not Anticipated By The Chairman 48 Hours Prior To This Meeting

9:10 PM



Under Exception No. 3, M.G.L. Chapter 30A, Section 21 – To Discuss Strategy With Respect To Collective Bargaining With The Southeastern Public Employees Association, Clerk’s Unit, As An Open Meeting May Have A Detrimental Effect On The Bargaining Position Of The Town, the Chair so declares, and Not To Re-Enter Open Session


9:15 PM

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