Town of Mansfield

Selectmen's agenda

1. Call To Order Board of Selectmen Meeting – Pledge Of Allegiance 7:00PM
2. Presentation of award to Carl Labrecht by the Airport Commission 7:00PM
3. Presentation of award to Luigi Giovino, the Graves Officer, by the past & present Veterans Service Officers. 7:10PM
4. Collection of Town Manager’s Evaluation forms from Selectmen 7:20PM
5. Continued discussion and Budget Update from the Town Manager 7:30PM
6. Continued discussion and Update Of Public Safety/DPW Complex Costs 7:45PM
7. Resident Questions and Comments 8:00PM
8. Review and Approve Consent Agenda ~~ 8:15PM
All items on the Consent Agenda may be adopted with a single motion.  Any member of the Board of Selectmen may request that an item be withdrawn from the Consent Agenda for separate consideration in which case that item will be voted on separately from the remainder of the Consent Agenda.  All licenses have been routed through Town Hall Departments and any conditions have been noted below.
a. Approval Of Board Of Selectmen Minutes For:
Meeting Of February 8, 2016

b. Vote To Approve Warrants:
Town Vendor Warrant No. 17033T in the amount of $1,264,919.86
Electric Department Vendor Warrant No. 17033E in the amount of $1,964,692.71
School Department Vendor Warrant No. 17033S in the amount of $518,924.87
Town Vendor Warrant No. 17034T in the amount of $626,818.97
Electric Department Vendor Warrant No. 17034E in the amount of $96,166.25
School Department Vendor Warrant No. 1703S in the amount of $722,985.22

c. Events and Signage:
• Consideration of banner application from Friends of Drop in Center for Holiday Fair for October 23-November 6
• Consideration of banner application from Keep Mansfield Beautiful for Great American Cleanup – Mansfield from April 3-April 17
• Consideration of event and banner applications from The Garden Club of Mansfield for plant sale on May 20, 2017 subject to routing through Public Safety and Town Hall Departments.

9. Consideration And Approval Of Town Payroll Warrants: ~~  8:20PM
• Town Payroll/Town Medicaid Payroll 17033PT in the amount of $351,365.48
• Town Deductions Vendor Payroll 17033TV in the amount of $112,672.17
• Town Payroll/Town Medicaid Payroll 17034PT
• Town Deductions Vendor Payroll 17034TV
• School Payroll/School Medicaid Payroll 17034PS
• School Deductions Vendor Payroll 17034SV

10. Correspondence ~~8:25PM
• Letter from Comcast regarding new subscriber service changes
• Letter from Verizon notification of program change, Channel 277 replaced with China Global Television Network (CGTN) 
11. Town Manager’s Report 8:35PM
12. BOS Questions and Comments 8:50PM
13. Any Items Not Anticipated By The Chairman 48 Hours Prior To This Meeting 9:05PM
14. Enter into Executive Session Under Exception No. 3, M.G.L. Chapter 30A, Section 21 –
• To discuss strategy of upcoming collective bargaining agreements with SPEA, IAFF, MCOP, USW Supervisory, and USW Non-Supervisory, as an open meeting may have a detrimental effect on the bargaining position of the Town, and
• To approve Executive Session minutes for January 25, 2017 Discussing Collective Bargaining Negotiations With The Mansfield Electric Department and IBEW Local 104 (Financial Assistant Unit) and Mansfield Electric Department and IBEW Local 104 (Professional Unit), Pursuant The Chair So Declares,
And To Not To Return To Open Session. 9:05PM


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