Town of Mansfield


1. 7:00 PM Call to Order
2. Approve minutes April 26, 2016 and April 26, 2016 Executive Session Minutes
3. Correspondence
4. Airport expenses payment schedule(s) approval
5. Security and Safety Report
6. Airport Engineer's Report
        AIP29 –Obstruction Removal Project, Phase 1 Update
        AIP30 – Obstruction Removal Project, Phase II Update
        AIP31 – Obstruction Removal Project, Phase III Update
        Alternatives to Phase III Avigation Easements
        SWPPP Update Funding
 7. Airport Manager's Report
 8. Old Business
       New Admin Building Project Update
          Ribbon Cutting
       Punch List Update
 9.  New Business

        MWOT Touch-A-Truck Event
        Proposal for hangar construction in Quadrant 1

        Hangar and tie-down electricity charges

        Dumpster rental

        Purchase of Quick Books

        Address dead trees on Signoriello property

        Commission Insurance

        Contract process

10. Items not known 48 hours prior to meeting
11. Visitor Comments
12. Executive Session to consider the purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property; new FBO
13. Adjournment
 (The agenda is subject to change)

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