Town of Mansfield

Conservation Agenda


1.  Request for Determination of Applicability:  William & Janice Walsh, 1781 West Street, Map 2, Parcel 362.  Septic system upgrade within 100 feet of the Inland Bank of Greenwood Lake.

2. Notice of Intent:  John Patrinos, 18 & 19 Jennifer Drive, Map 39, Parcel 2.  Construct two single-family dwellings, utilities, driveways, septic systems and associated grading within 100 feet of Bordering Vegetated Wetland. DEP SE 211-0963  CONTINUED TO NOVEMBER 21, 2016

3.  Notice of Intent:  James Lazzara, 130 Spring Street, Map 28, Parcels 164 & 165.  Construction of a 12- unit Residential Building for an over-55 community with associated driveway, parking, drainage, water, sewer and utilities within 100 feet of Bordering Vegetated Wetland and 200-foot Riverfront Area of the Rumford River.

4. Notice of Intent:  Kevin Boyden, 37 Lakeview Avenue, Map 4, Parcel 54.  Replace/repair existing concrete foundation, install new foundation as needed and associated grading on existing house within 100 feet of the Inland Bank of Greenwood Lake.  DEP SE 211-0962

Request to Amend the Order of Conditions: Hemze Sengaba, 140 Williams Street, Map 6, Parcel 101.  Request to amend Order to accept a new plan of record for the construction of a new single-family dwelling with landscaping within 100 feet of a Bordering Vegetated Wetland.  DEP SE 211-0952

5.  Correspondence:

6. New Business:

Conservation Site Visits and Informational Packets

7.  Old Business:

8. Adjournment:


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