Town of Mansfield

Conservation Agenda

Mansfield Conservation


April 14, 2014

Meeting starts at 7:00 pm in Meeting Room 3 A/B.

New Hearings:

1. Request for Certificate of Compliance:  James Hooper, 73 Campbell Street, Map 20, Parcel 96.  Order of Conditions was issued in 2005.   The house and the

slab foundation for the garage have been constructed in the approved location.  Yard is stabilized.  As Built and letter from the engineer have been submitted

stating compliance with the approved Order.

2. Request for Certificate of Compliance:  Timothy Bobola, Lot 5, 22 Lincoln Road, “Lincoln Place”.  All work has been completed except landscaping and the

installation of the permanent signage.

3. Request for Determination of Applicability:  John DelSignore, 99 York Road, Map 2, Parcel 209.  Install full foundation for a sunroom addition as well as 12”

sono tube footings for an adjacent deck within 100 feet of Bordering Vegetated Wetlands.

4. Notice of Intent:  Lawrence Gracer, 6 Sawmill Court, Map 37, Parcel 187.  Construction of an in-ground pool with concrete apron, proposed grading

and fencing within 100 feet of Bordering Vegetated Wetlands.  DEP SE #211-0922.  CONTINUED TO MAY 19, 2014.

5. Notice of Intent:  Raj Moholtra, Terminus of Wood Avenue, Map 20, Lot 124.  Construction of one building that will contain Retail and Office space with

associated site improvements, parking and pedestrian access, landscaping, lighting, stormwater mitigation and underground utilities within 100 feet of

Bordering Vegetated Wetlands.  DEP SE #211-0921.

6. Continued Hearings:

54 Willow Street

7. Correspondence:

8. New Business:

Enforcement Order:  16 Kybren Circle - violation of Order of Conditions DEP SE 211-0908 - cutting of eight (8) trees outside limit of

work and within 25 feet of a Bordering Vegetated Wetland.

9. Old Business:

Roy Lasher, 148 Ware Street (DEP SE 211-0917) - Minor Change in Plans

Reorganization of the Commission.

Approval of February 24, 2014 and  March 17, 2014 minutes.

10. Adjournment:































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