Town of Mansfield

Conservation Agenda

Public meeting will be held March 4, 2015 at 7pm in Room 2 A/B to discuss proposed recommended 2015 Annual Town Meeting

warrant articles to transfer the care and control of a parcel of land (1.3 acres) on South Main Street identified on Assessors’ Map 14

Parcel 20 from the Board of Selectmen to the Mansfield Conservation Commission;

And to revise and/or amend the following sections of the Mansfield Wetland Protection Bylaw, Chapter 15 of the General Bylaws:
• amend section 2.2.4 and to add a new paragraph, 2.2.5
• amend Section 2: Jurisdiction and Section 3: Activities within Resource Areas and Adjacent Buffer Zone
• revise Section 2.6 Vernal Pools and Habitat of State-listed Species
• add Section 8- Variance Process


































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