Town of Mansfield

Conservation Agenda

New Hearings:

Request for Certificate of Compliance:  Michael & Donna DeSantis, 62 York Road, Map 2, Parcel 289.   DEP SE 211-0955

Request for Certificate of Compliance:  Jeffrey Watterson, 190 Mill Street, Map 43, Parcel 83.  DEP SE 211-0879

Amendment to ORAD, 54 Willow Street, Map 12, Parcel 27, and Map 28, Parcel 11, 12, 15, 118, 150.  DEP SE 211-0920. 

Amend the Order of Resource Area Delineation issued April 2014 to determine the presence or absence of a vernal pool.

Notice of Intent:  Town of Mansfield Engineering Division, Rumford Avenue within the Town Right of Way, Map 23.  DEP SE 211-0959.  

Proposing improvements to Rumford Avenue, starting at the intersection of West Street & Rumford Avenue to Old Colony Way with

upgrades to the closed drainage system and Full-depth construction of roadway & sidewalks due to its integrity within100 feet of a

Buffer Zone of Bordering Vegetated Wetland and inland bank of a pond.

Notice of Intent:  William Ross, Town of Mansfield, 500 East Street, Map 031, Parcel 037.   DEP SE 211-0958. Disturbing over one (1) acre

of land associated with construction of new Public Safety and DPW Facility.

Continued Hearing:

Request for Determination of Applicability:  TEC Associates. Renewal of the Vegetation Management Planalong Massachusetts Coastal Railroad Right-of-Way.


New Business:

By-Law clarification for single-family lot landscaping – 15 Knight Way.

Old Business:

300 West Street – Enforcement Order Update.

Minutes:  June 20, 2016



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