Town of Mansfield

Conservation Agenda


  1. Open Space and Recreation Committee proposed project.
  2. Request for Determination of Applicability: Benedict & Cindy Ingegneri, 40 Grove Street, Map 5, Parcel 39. Proposed garage and associated grading within 100 feet of Bordering Vegetated Wetland and Certified Vernal Pool.
  3. Request for Determination of Applicability:  Steven and Marybeth Olsen, 16 Kybren Circle, Map 15, Parcel 283.  Removal of ten (10) trees with the 100-foot buffer zone of Bordering Vegetated Wetland.
  4. Request for Determination of Applicability:  VAM Realty Trust, 241 Francis Avenue, Map 30, Parcels 76, 32 & 276.  Proposed annual maintenance of mowed area along the facility perimeter fence as required by federal law.
  5. Correspondence:

       6. New Business:

       7. Old Business:       Restoration of Auxillary Spillway at Blakes Pond

              Blakes Pond Dam Repair Project (DEP SE 211-0968) - Souring of inland bank

              Approval of March 19, 2018 minutes

       8.  Adjournment:





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