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The Delvena Theater Company Presents: Salem Witch Hysteria

Salem Witch Hysteria


Watch history come alive with these fascinating dramatizations of the true stories of the Salem Witch Hysteria.

The setting is Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, a year in which, of the approximate 168 men and women accused of practicing witchcraft, 20 were executed.

Let’s see how things go in 2017 when the audience members become the jury in the trial of Susannah Martin.  They will have the opportunity to question the defendant and form their own opinion as to her guilt or innocence.  The cast will open up again to the audience after the performance for a lively discussion.  

Great performance – inspiring interactive entertainment!    
  Registration opens October 2, 2017.

Saturday Oct 21, 2017  - Saturday Oct 21, 2017

2:00 PM  -  4:00 PM

Diane Annunziato    978-454-5474 x6    dannunziato@dracutlibrary.org

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