EKRegistration   by Plymouth Rocket




Plymouth Rocket is pleased to introduce EKRegistration, an event registration component that is tightly integrated with your EventKeeper calendar.  It is now amazingly easy to add registration management to your EventKeeper calendar. 



Form Creation - Editors


Editors simply click on the Create EZ Form button as shown below.


Figure 1 : Editor View - Creating a Form



Form Configuration – Editors




Form View – Patrons


Patrons will now see the Register button at the bottom of the event.  Clicking on the button will take them to the customized registration form for that event.


The patron will see a different button if the event is full.  Or, if there isn’t space on a waiting list, they will see a message telling them that event registration is closed.


Figure 2 : Patron View – Registration Buttons

Registration Features - Patrons





Registration Administration - Editors


Editors can view a summary of the current registration data on the event list page.  Clicking on the Reports / Email button takes the editor to the rest of the registration maintenance features.



Figure 3 : Editor View – Buttons for Viewing Data and Editing the Registration Form




Registration Administration – Editors