Hamilton-Wenham Master Calendar
Welcome to the Master Calendar Project for the communities of Hamilton and Wenham in Massachusetts.

This calendar brings together the events that are displayed on the calendars of several of the organizations in the 2 towns as well as other events of interest to the community.

How to Use the Calendar
Selecting Events:
  • Each of the contributing calendars may use keywords to categorize different groups of events, e.g. "Planning Board Meetings" or "Cutler School Events".

    To see all of the events for a particular group, select the radio button for "All Events".

    To filter the events that you want to see, select "Pick Categories" and then check the boxes of the categories in which you are interested.
Viewing Events:
  • Once you have selected one or more categories of events, you can click on "Show Event List" or "Show Montly View" to see those events.
Adding Events to this Calendar:
  • Events on this calendar come from the calendars of the contributing organizations and they are responsible for adding events. For information about adding events of miscellaneous community groups, please contact the Community House.
Linking to this Calendar:
  • http://hw.eventkeeper.com