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Plymouth Rocket and resource management: benefits of TixKeeper and KitKeeper.

Whether it is mobile hot spots, ereaders, STEM kits, or programming kits, Plymouth Rocket offers two software platforms to help manage special item collections. 

Our museum pass software TixKeeper and our book club collection software Kitkeeper can both be used to manage special collection.  There are benefits to using TixKeeper or KitKeeper based on what you need.  Both programs can track reservations, send confirmations to patrons, and maintain usage statistics.  Patrons can reserve items in advance and the staff can keep track of past, present, and future reservations.  Both programs can provide detailed information about the devices and resources as well as availability.  Each option allows for staff only collections that can only be reserved and used by staff members.

What is TixKeeper?

What is KitKeeper?

When to use TixKeeper for resource management

  • For collections with check out periods as short as one day (due that very same day) or as long as several weeks.
  • For on the fly check outs or short reservation periods. Devices can be checked out for one day and returned the next with the TixKeeper model.
  • Items that live in one location and can be picked up by patrons there.
  • For users interested in a mobile friendly platform.  TK is responsive and looks great on various mobile devices.

Great examples of libraries using TixKeeper for resource management:

Brookhaven Free Library

Tredyffrin Township Libraries

Morse Institute Library

White Plains Public Library

West Caldwell Public Library

When to use KitKeeper for resource management

  • For collections with check out periods that are a week or more
  • Items that can be sent from one branch to another for check out.  KK has a built in system for allowing time for transit in between branches.
  • For collections that include devices, programming kits, as well as book club kit, which are bags with several copies of the same title for book club users.
  • For staff only collections that can only be accessed and seen by staff members.  TK can also have staff only collections, but patrons will be able to see that they exist.

Great example of libraries using KitKeeper for resource management:

Suffolk Cooperative Library System

Martin County Library System

Mayville State Univeristy


Please contact us for more information about resource management software.  We would be happy to set up a web demo to go over the possibilities with you.