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How do I create an RSS Feed for my EventKeeper Calendar?


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows people to subscribe to your EventKeeper calendar and to receive updates of upcoming events through a RSS Reader. You can also use an RSS feed to push your upcoming events out to platforms like dlvrit and Twitter.


RSS Feeds can be created through the EventKeeper Administrator:

  1. In the multipublishing section, click the Create button for RSS.

    EventKeeper Admin Screenshot
  2. Give your RSS feed a name. You can specify how many days in the future the feed should gather events and the maximum number of events that should be included in the feed. The title dropdown list determines the title that the user will see. If you want to restrict the feed to events with a particular keyword, make the appropriate selection in the Keyword 1 and Keyword 2 dropdown menus.

    EventKeeper RSS Settings Screenshot
  3. Once you have adjusted your RSS settings, click on the Create Sample Display button in the right column.
  4. Click the button that says Create the XML file to be used as the RSS feed."
  5. EventKeeper will provide you with the URL that can be used to link people to the RSS feed as well as HTML code that can be copied and pasted into your Web page to create an RSS button for visitors.
  6. Click on the "Click here" link if you would like to add the RSS button to your EventKeeper calendar.


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