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Title: Friday Night Knitting Club
Author: Kate Jacobs
Genre: Fiction
Age Group: Adult
Contents: Bag with 10 copies of book + discussion questions and author information.
Location: May Memorial Library
Walker and Daughter is Georgia Walker's little yarn shop, tucked into a quiet storefront on Manhattan's Upper West Side. The Friday Night Knitting Club was started by some of Georgia's regulars who gather once a week to work on their projects and to chat. As they knit, they bond; and as they bond, their lives become connected in most unexpected ways. When Georgia's ex, decides he wants to play a larger role in her daughter Dakota's life and possibly Georgia's . . . when Kat returns to New York as a rich Park Avenue wife. . . when Anita prepares to confront her growing feelings for the kind neighborhood deli owner. . . The Friday Night Knitting Club realizes that they've created a lot more than a knitting club, they've woven together a sisterhood.
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