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Title: The Buddha in the attic
Author: Julie, 1962- Otsuka
Genre: Fiction
Age Group: Adult/YA Friendly
Contents: 9 regular print copies, 2 large print copies, 1 audiobook + 1 resource notebook
Six "picture brides" - young Japanese women who came to the United States to marry men they didn't know - collectively tell their stories in language almost as poetic as haiku. From leaving their homes to raising children ashamed of their Japanese heritage, these women struggle to understand the strange men and the strange new world they become part of. In the wake of Pearl Harbor, they find that they are now enemies of the United States, destined for internment camps and invisible to their former neighbors. Given in memory of Judy Culhane by the Ford's Colony Book Club.
Show Kit List - ALL : KK HAWK 2020.05.15 -- 11:30 PM