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Title: The History of Wolves
Author: Emily Fridlund
Genre: Fiction
Age Group: Adult
Contents: 12 regular print copies + 1 resource notebook
Mattie - or Linda, as some people know her - lives in a former commune deep in the Minnesota woods, largely ignored by her parents. When a family moves into a vacation home on the shore across from her, she begins to insinuate herself into their life. The more she learns about them, though, the more questions arise, until the 14 year old has to make a vital decision. Are we responsible for the things we don't do as much as we are for the things we do? Fridlund's debut novel is filled with gorgeous description of the natural world and a sense of unease that increases as the novel advances.
Show Kit List - ALL : KK HAWK 2020.05.15 -- 11:30 PM