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1.    There are three options on the KitKeeper webpage:

            See a complete LIST of titles, including the number of copies available

            RESERVE a particular title

            Check the titles available on a particular DATE

2.     Find the title you want to reserve, then choose the date that you want to pick up the books at the Readers’   Advisory desk. Remember that you will need the books before the date of your discussion!  For example, if you wish to discuss a book in mid-December, you may want to pick up the books in mid-November.

3.     Click on Reserve. If there is no Reserve link on the calendar for your desired date, the title is not available for that date.  All reservations are for a 6 week time period from the requested pick up date.

4.     Fill in the Kit Reservation Form.  Pay attention to the pickup date and the due date shown at the bottom of the form.

5.     Repeat the process to make additional reservations.

6.     You will need to present a valid library card at the Readers' Advisory desk to get your Books in a Bag kit.



If you’d like to reserve several Books in a Bag kits at one time, check the calendar to make sure all your titles are available on your desired dates.  It may be necessary to rearrange the order you read the books.  Do not click Reserve until you have checked all books on your list.

You cannot delete a reservation. You must contact the Readers’ Advisory staff to delete it for you.

Please call or email the Readers’ Advisory desk if you have any problems or questions. The phone number is 317-814-3987, and our email is