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Welcome to the New Hampshire READS-to-Go Kitkeeper! This new system will help streamline the process of both requesting a Kit for all libraries and tracking Kits for those libraries who host them.

Simply locate the Kit you would like to request and hit RESERVE. Select the date on the calendar that you would like to hand out the books in the Kit to your group. The system will add 10 days ahead of it to allow time for the Kit to be routed to you on the van system, give you 35 days to keep the books, and allow 10 days for the kit to be routed back to the host library.

You will need to complete the following information to request a Kit:

Patron Name: Contact person for the requesting library

Patron Phone: Contact phone number for the requesting library

Patron Email:  Contact email for the requesting library/contact person for the requesting library

Patron Notes:  Van stop for the requesting library

Pickup LibraryTHIS IS IMPORTANT!  This is the library where the Kit is going. In New Hampshire, none of the Kits are being actually picked up - they are all going via the state wide van system.