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Welcome to the Library’s Book Group Kit System.

We hope you will find this system easy and fun to use. You can browse the book group collection by title or by availability. You can do your own scheduling and make your own changes.

Each book group kit contains 12 books. Please return full kits on time so that the kit will be available for the next group.

Schedule titles for the month you will pick up the kit and hand out books to your book group members. For example, if you plan to discuss a title in January, schedule it for December.

Book group kits are available only to groups that have been receiving book group kits from the Library prior to 2009. These book groups have already been notified and should have received a special Book Group Library Card. If your group has not received a Book Group Library Card, please contact us at or 206-615-1747.

Registration is not currently open to new book groups. For those groups who wish to borrow book group kits in the future, we hope to open up registration sometime in the future.

If you have questions or comments, please let us know by sending e-mail to