Passes may be borrowed for three (3) days and reserved forty-five (45) days in advance.
Be aware that the date of your reservation is the first day you may pick up the pass – please plan your museum visit accordingly.
Passes must be picked up and returned to the branch designated in the pass name.
The fine for an overdue museum pass is $5 per day, with a maximum fine of $25.
The charge for a lost museum pass is a $10 processing fee, plus any overdue fees and the replacement cost of the pass.

Grounds for Scultpture is discontinuing their Museum Pass program for libraries as of September 30, 2019.  Our GFS passes will disappear from this list as they expire and cannot be renewed.

Morris Arboretum has restricted their Museum Pass program for libraries and will not honor passes on Saturday or Sunday.  Please be advised you may still book a pass for pick-up those days.

Please use the calendar to the right to see all available dates.