Since many destinations are temporarily closed, please contact the destination before reserving or using a pass.
New Orleans Culture Pass Program


If you already have a pass reservation, please contact the institution to confirm if it is open.


Reserve a pass below and present the pass confirmation to the partner organization on the date you've selected.

If you need assistance or if you need to cancel a pass, please call 504-529-7323 or ask for assistance online.

New Orleans Culture Pass Rules

  • Passes may be reserved by library cardholders online, in person, or by phone via a Library staff member
  • Passes are only valid for those who live in Orleans Parish and are age 18 and older. Passes are not valid for those with a temporary library card or cardholders from Jefferson or St. Bernard Parish. 
  • Passes may be reserved by library cardholders no more than once per month per partner organization
  • Each pass is valid for one day
  • Multiple passes may not be reserved for the same day
  • Passes are only valid for the date of visit displayed on the pass confirmation
  • Printed or digital pass confirmations will be accepted for entry
  • Passes may not be exchanged, refunded, and are non-transferrable
  • Attempts to duplicate, alter, or sell passes will result in denied admittance
  • Neither the partner organization nor the New Orleans Public Library is responsible for unauthorized duplication, lost, or stolen passes
  • All partner organizations reserve the right to refuse entry to all pass holders