Special Items & Museum Passes


Adult cardholders, 18 and over, may reserve Museum Passes and Special Items on our website, in person or by calling 631-589-4440.


Reserve a Print on Demand Museum Pass for the day you plan to visit the museum.  Your pass will only be valid for the date of the visit listed on the confirmation page.

Reserve a Pickup and Return Museum Pass or a Special Item for the day you will pick it up from the Library.                                                                                     

The day that you reserve a Pickup and Return Museum Pass or Special Item for is the day that you must pick it up. You cannot pick up the pass or special item before the date that you reserved it for.

All  Pickup and Return Museum Passes may be borrowed for three (3) days in total that the Library is open (not including Sundays).  Special items may be borrowed for four (4) days in total that the Library is open (not including Sundays).

Pickup and Return Museum Passes and Special Items are due by closing time and cannot be returned in the book drop.