Reserve a Museum Pass!

Reserve a pass for the date you will pick up the pass.

You can choose a pick-up day of either Tuesday or Friday.
You may pick up the pass the night before your reservation at 8pm if it is available. Call us to check if it is available at (631) 286-0818. 
Otherwise, please pick up passes starting at 9:30am the day of your reservation.

Tuesday passes are due back on Thursday by 8pm. Friday passes are due back on Monday by 8pm.

Passes are still due back on a holiday even if the library is closed. Please place the pass in the book drop.

Please bring your LICENSE AND LIBRARY CARD with you to pick up museum passes.
Passes will ONLY be checked out to the patron who placed the reservation.

Check the museum hours before visiting.
The library cannot be held responsible if the museum has an event and the membership is not honored.