Author Talk: Paul Hodos: Steel City Mafia

Join us for an evening with national security professional and author, Paul Hodos as he discusses his book, Steel City Mafia. 

"Pittsburgh's small but lucrative Cosa Nostra mafia family was on the rise in 1985 with a newly crowned Don... The men who came to dominate the rackets in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and West Virginia opened the family to massive profits from drug trafficking and a street tax on other criminal activities. At the same time, the Youngstown, OH faction of the family launched a brutal mob war against the weakening Cleveland mafia and the Altoona, PA crew violently clamped down on their city. Discover gritty stories of a made member who controlled a local police department, hired an informant, who betrayed his own mafia grandfather and father, numberous unsolved murders, and a mob mole in the Pittsburgh office of the FBI.

This is the tale of a mafia family at the pinnacle of its power, wiling to do anything to hold on to that power and its downfall in the criminal underworld."


This talk will be presented on Zoom. There will also be an option to view the talk at the library using our television.

Wednesday Sep 20, 2023
6:00 PM  -  7:00 PM
Erin Weaver    412-221-3737
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