World War II: Letters from the Front

Presented by the Friends of the Library. 

Join us on Zoom for “This Business of Fighting: A Human Face on World War II” an historical presentation as told by Arnie Pritchard, a noted Connecticut storyteller.   

Arnie’s presentation is culled from the contents of his father’s WW II Army footlocker.   In it, he discovered hundreds of letters and other family papers describing his father’s Army experiences in the front lines in Europe and subsequent work in the United Nations’ Refugee Program in postwar Europe. Tony Pritchard’s letter from Luxembourg dated February 1945 reveals the raw fear and fateful reckoning faced by young men in combat: “The closer one gets to the point where a guy points a rifle at another guy and pulls the trigger…the harder it is to preserve a trifle of human decency and dignity…”

Arnie has a PhD in history from Yale and has been involved in storytelling since 1997.  He is former Chair of the Board of the Connecticut Storytelling Center and the coordinator of the group of storytellers at the Institute Library in New Haven.   He enjoys sharing his avocation with audiences in libraries, schools, retirement communities, as well as at the Connecticut Storytelling Festival.    

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Thursday Jan 27, 2022
7:00 PM  -  8:00 PM
Rebecca Harlow    203-891-2170
There are 63 spaces available.