I Want My Mummy!

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Dr. Steve Phillips, from the University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archeaology and Anthropology, returns to the library with another fascinating lecture. This time, Dr. Steve will explore the science

behind ancient Egyptians mummies. He'll discuss how the mummification process developed through time, how mummies were actually made, and will explore why they hold such a fascination in popular

culture. A number of illustrations in this talk are images of actual ancient Egyptian mummies, many collected as part of Dr. Phillips's own research in Egypt.

This is a Civic and Social Literacy Program of the PA Forward Initiative. Library programs are generously funded by the Friends of the Ridley Township Library.

Monday Oct 29, 2018
6:15 PM  -  7:45 PM
Mary Tobin    610-583-0593    reference@ridleylibrary.org
Ridley Township Public Library
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