(In-Person) Mahjong Meet-Up

Mah-jongg is played with four players using tiles stamped with Chinese symbols. The goal of the game is to be the first to match your tiles to a specific hand from the National Mah Jongg League’s (NMJL) annually distributed scorecard by picking and discarding. It’s rather like the card game Gin Rummy – only faster!

Accomplished players and interested participants alike are invited to rattle the tiles and join the fun on Thursdays between 10AM - 1PM in Flint Public Library's meeting rooms!

Please note: We kindly ask that patrons wear facial coverings and practice social distancing during indoor sessions.

Registration: No registration required

Age Group(s): Adults

Location: Meeting Rooms A & B

Thursday Aug 5, 2021
10:00 AM  -  1:00 PM
Melissa M. Gaspar    978.774.8132    mgaspar@flintpublib.org