(Virtual) Teen Kahoot! Trivia Challenge: Halloween Movies

In honor of Halloween, teens are welcome to test their trivia skills with a special Teen Kahoot! Trivia Challenge from the Flint! This challenge will be based on a variety of classic Halloween movies. The link to this challenge will be posted on the Flint Public Library Facebook page at noon on Sunday, October 17th and will remain active through Sunday, October 31st.

  • Visit our Facebook page for our post about this month's trivia by clicking here.

Our highest-scoring (teen) winner will earn a $10 giftcard to Winfrey's Chocolate!

Please note: In order to be eligible for the prize, the winner must provide their full name (first and last) either as their Kahoot! nickname or in an email to ncardarelli@flintpublib.org before the end of the challenge, as well as be able to pick up their prize at the Flint Public Library in Middleton, MA. Those not eligible for the prize are still very welcome to participate in this trivia challenge.

Age Group(s): Questions for this event will be geared towards interest and difficulty levels appropriate for teens, but all ages and abilities are welcome to participate. 

Sunday Oct 17, 2021
Nicole Dow    978.774.8132    ncardarelli@flintpublib.org