(Virtual) Intro to Astrology for Teens with Laura Campagna 'The Wednesday Witch'

Before there was television, or even electricity, we had the stars for entertainment. Ancient peoples noticed that the movement of planets in the night sky correlated to events on earth. For over 6000 years, humans have used the heavens to make meaning of events down below - sometimes even being able to accurately predict the future.

Want to learn more about the planetary archetypes and the houses of the zodiac? Teens (ages 13-18) can join astrologer and author, Laura Campagna (The Wednesday Witch), for a fun and interactive Zoom-workshop that will illuminate the cosmic energies flowing through your life.

Whether you love astrology and want to learn how to read your own birth chart or if you have never studied astrology and are looking for a place to start, this virtual workshop is for you!

Please Note: No materials are required for this workshop, but it is strongly suggested that participants know the date, time, and location of their birth.

Registration: To register for this virtual program and receive the Zoom information, please email Felicia at fgminski@flintpublib.org.

Age Group(s): Teens (ages 13-18)

Location: Zoom

Thank you to The Friends of the Flint for sponsoring this program!

Wednesday Jan 19, 2022
3:30 PM  -  5:00 PM
Felicia Gminski    978.774.8132    fgminski@flintpublib.org