Courageous Community Conversations: Ask a Muslim Anything

Join the Conversation "Ask a Muslim Anything" with Robert Azzi at St. Lawrence Church

  • Robert Azzi developed the “Ask a Muslim Anything” program so people, even those critical of Islam and Muslims, could engage in conversations in a safe place, speaking to them not as a scholar or academic but as a neighbor, fellow citizen and person of faith. Robert will speak about his life, what it’s like to be Muslim in America, how he came to convert to Islam, about the religion of Islam and its history – especially in America – and about the Middle East, terrorism and associated political and social issues.

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This event is part of our Courageous Community Conversations series; please visit for more information.

This year’s Courageous Community Conversations are focused on race and diversity in America. Our reading list and conversations are designed to help us understand many racial and cultural issues, as well as provide a starting point to open up the conversation about race in Goffstown, and hopefully, in other surrounding communities. In our present social environment, it is important to be racially and culturally diverse, and to be socially aware. By using these books to learn and grow, we hope to take part in the conversation about race in America.

Wednesday Mar 27, 2019
6:30 PM
Dianne Hathaway    603-497-2102
St. Lawrence Church, 1 E Union St, Goffstown
There are 46 spaces available.