Climate Change and New Hampshire’s Birds

What will birders in the 22nd Century encounter in the Granite State’s forests, fields, and wetlands? How will NH birds - both breeding and migrant - be affected over the next decades by the warmer winters, drier summers, and more extreme weather brought about by climate change?

As part of our 2021 Community Conversations about the environment, the Goffstown Public Library is honored to present Dr. Pamela Hunt, Avian Conservation Biologist of the NH Audubon. Dr. Hunt’s presentation will explore topics including range shifts, declining food supplies, and changes in migration patterns to illustrate the potential impacts of climate change on NH’s fine feathered friends.

Registration is required. We will meet remotely, and all registered participants will receive an email invitation to join the discussion.


This event is part of our Community Conversations series; please visit for more information. This year’s Community Conversations are focused on dialog about our environment, including trash and recycling, stormwater, global warming, clothing recycling, our carbon footprint, and much more.

Tuesday Apr 13, 2021
6:30 PM
Elizabeth Weilbacher    603-497-2102
There are many spaces available.