For the Love of Pollinators

Think about what you ate today—did it require a pollinator to exist? What do honeybees and other important pollinators do for an ecosystem? How have these vital creatures been impacted by environmental change?  As part of our 2021 Community Conversations about the environment, the Goffstown Public Library is delighted to present pollinator expert and beekeeping educator Jodi Turner. Jodi and her husband Dean’s business, Imagine That Honey is devoted to modern beekeeping strategies and community education about pollinators. Jodi will address the questions above, plus she’ll tell you a bit about New Hampshire pollinators and what you can do to attract them to your yard.

Registration is required. We will meet remotely, and all registered participants will receive an email invitation to join the discussion.


This event is part of our Community Conversations series; please visit for more information. This year’s Community Conversations are focused on dialog about our environment, including trash and recycling, stormwater, global warming, clothing recycling, our carbon footprint, and much more.

Saturday May 1, 2021
11:00 AM
Elizabeth Weilbacher    603-497-2102
There are many spaces available.