NHSaves Button Up Energy Workshop

Are you letting money escape through your appliances, windows, walls, and doors? What strategies can you employ to save on your home energy expenditures? As part of our 2021 Community Conversations about the environment, the Goffstown Public Library is proud to welcome Andy Duncan and Ted Stiles as representatives for the NHSaves Consortium. Learn about saving electricity, insulation, and air sealing, while improving your understanding of incentives from NH’s energy utilities such as energy audits, weatherization programs, and rebates on electric and gas appliances.

Registration is required. We will meet remotely, and all registered participants will receive an email invitation to join the discussion.


This event is part of our Community Conversations series; please visit http://www.goffstownlibrary.com/communityconversation for more information. This year’s Community Conversations are focused on dialog about our environment, including trash and recycling, stormwater, global warming, clothing recycling, our carbon footprint, and much more.

Tuesday May 11, 2021
6:30 PM
Elizabeth Weilbacher    603-497-2102    elizabethw@goffstownlibrary.com
There are many spaces available.