Cookbook Club

CookBook Club

We're starting a Cookbook Club which will meet monthly! And, for this very Irish day, we're cooking and eating from Real Irish Food by David Bowers or you can make an Irish dish which you are familiar with! Choose and make a recipe, then come together to share food and stories of how successful you were in using the cookbook (and take home leftovers for your St. Paddy's Day party! cheeky. Please register to let us know what you’ll be bringing (you can change your mind at the last minute but this way we'll have an idea what might be made)

Copies of the cookbook available at the library, or you can request one here.

Registration is requested but not required (it helps to know if we should wear stretchy pants or not :)

Saturday Mar 17, 2018
12:00 PM  -  1:00 PM
Meena Jain
Meeting Room
There are many spaces available.