Managing Your Online Reputation

Recruiters, potential customers, and others are able to quickly and easily search on Google to learn more about job applicants, and the vast majority of employers do these searches before inviting someone to a job interview.

If good information about you cannot be found online, you are usually considered out-of-date or hiding something which ends opportunities. What recruiters do find about you in their online searches may cause them not to hire you. So, careful professional visibility is required!

In this workshop, Career Advice Expert Susan Joyce will show you how to practice “defensive Googling,” and how to leverage LinkedIn to manage your online reputation so that employers find you when they search and are impressed by your qualifications.  This is not a need that ends when you successfully land a new job.

This program is free but registration is required. All participants are asked to wear a mask while attending the program. 

Monday Jan 10, 2022
7:00 PM  -  8:00 PM
Adult Services    508-393-5025 ext. 3
Meeting Room
There are 19 spaces available.